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Easy Way To Online Earn Money By Image Click 50$ Paypal

Online Earn Money By Image Click

By clicking on the image you can earn everyday than $ 50. So let’s read this article carefully. In this post, it is said that the idea of ​​earning such an online money. There is a Genuine website that will give you the money to click and click on the photos.

So let’s tell you about this website hivemicro.com and how money is earned from these websites. So first you have to go to the browser and you have to open this website.

Also uou can download applications in mobile too. This app will also be available in the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

hive work real money earning

What is hivemicro.com

Hive Work says that these talented, hard-working people allow extra money to be made through small jobs, which can be done at any time from anywhere in the world. This is a website that reduces the work of others and gives more money. You can earn $ 50 a day comfortably. That’s just 3 to 4 hours of work.

How to Earn Money by hivemicro.com?

We will tell you how to work through the website here. After opening the website you will see something like this. In which you have to click on Start Earning from home today. And have to register, Registering is quick and easy. Now click to apply for jobs, Where there is a diverse set of jobs that you will see.

Online Earn Money By Image Click

The available jobs are very easy to open, in which you will see some 4-5 images in the left side, all of them will be a company logo which will be the same in all the images. Now there will be an image in the right side of it, in the same way. If you see the same logo, then you will have to write down and say that if it is the same, then click on Yes and if not same then click on No. (see image)

Types of Jobs in hivemicro

Online Earning money is very easy this is only by this website. You have to do 3 types of jobs in which the first category type will appear in the Type of Products like shirt becomes shoe.

The second is the bonding box in which you are creating a box above the objects which meet each other. You have to choose one of them.

Now the last word of the tragedy in which a complete sentence has a written hog and will say that you find this word in it. You have to find that word and click on it. So you see all the work which is easy to multiply. If you do 3-4 hours a day then you can easily earn $ 50.

hivemicro Earning Proof

hivemicro Earning Proof

You can see in the Leader board that who has done the Earning. You can also see Last Day, also see Last Week. And you can also see all time as to how much payout has been done so far. Minimum You can get $ 5, which comes into your account just by PayPal.

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