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How to Carve a Turkey? Step by Step for Beginners

Carving a turkey is not as easy as you think. Here’s how to put one together for use today. If you are here to learn, you are one of our students. Welcome to

You bought it, then stuffed it, cooked it hot enough, and now you’re ready to carve your Thanksgiving turkey. If you claim to be the best cook in your mind, remember that carving turkey is not an easy technique.

Follow with step-by-step how to carve turkey below with simple directions and instructions.

What you will need for this:

  • Carving board
  • The chef’s knife is a kind of cutting knife
  • Plate to keep
  • A long, flexible knife (or boning knife)
  • Tongs to hold
  • Clothing to Saif

How to Carve Turkey

1 Remove string

Place the heated turkey on a carving board. Using the help of your chef’s knife, remove the skin that holds the legs together.

2 Remove legs and thighs

Now make a cut from the skin connecting the breast and the drumstick. Now slice the bottom paddle until you reach the joints. Use a handkerchief, hold both legs and press down, also separate the legs and thighs. Use your chef’s knife to cut whatever joints you see. Now repeat the above steps in the same way with the other leg.

3 Remove the wings

Clean its wing using a chef’s knife. To clean you can slice the dough and transfer to a platter. Repeat the same step on the other side as before.

4 Remove the turkey breasts

Removing the turkey breasts means finding the thoracic bone first. Place a long, flexible knife called a boning knife on one side and bring it as close to the bone as possible and slice it downwards. Using the other hand, push the meat away from the breastbone in the opposite direction until you have cut the breast into one piece from the carcass.

5 Separate the forelimb and ham

Now separate the joints connecting the forelimb and the ham. Transfer the forelimb to the plate; Place the ham meat on the side for latterly cutting on a slice board. Repeat with the other leg.

6 Cut the shanks into pieces

Work on the slice board. Snare the ham bone with a tongs or paper kerchief, and remove the meat from the bone with the edge of a cook’s cutter. Transfer the meat to a server.

7 Bone meat slice

Using a tongs to stabilize the bone, place the meat so you can cut it into lower lengths. Slice against the grains, taking care to keep the skin attached. Transfer the pieces nicely to a plate.


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