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Google Play Services

Google Play Services originally known and recognized as Google Android Market, Google Play is a Google’s official store and portal, is for Android apps, games, and other content for Android-powered phones, tablets, or Android TV devices. As is Apple’s App Store, Google has Google Play Store. It’s a huge space and it provides many content to its users, but do not worry, Android is here for central assistance!¬†Google Play is the big service portal that covers the Android app store (including games), Google Play Music, Google Play Books, Google Play Movies & TV and Google Play Newsstand.

What is Google Play Store?

Google Play Store is where you can download Android application. One way to store Android application.
You get the app from developers of every category there. You can get this service from Google that means any apps or games that can run on the Android platform.
When you buy a Google Support Android mobile phone, it is already installed on Google’s Play Store by installing it.

Google Play Music

Now talk about Google Play Music, so it is known only by name that it will be given about music in this service. Yes you can listen to all the songs of World and add it to your Play service. Now anyone wants to download it, even if it has to pay the Google Play service.

Google Play Book & Magazine

Many people like to read a book, from Android Mobile; you will have to install Google Play Book in your phone to easily read any book. The Google Play Book will be found in the Play Store. In this app service you will find some book free and you will have to spend money in some books. You will be able to read some of the pages of the money that will be book with you for free so that you can get an idea whether this book should be purchased online from the Google Play Book.

Google Play Movie and TV

More recently movie and TV service is running on trending. This is because Google has got a service and Google Play Movie and TV. Where you can enjoy any movie. And it will not be in free. It will come in the copyright. So you have to make some uncountable steps for every movie or TV show.

Google Play Newsstand

Everyone wants to watch the news. From News we are connected to the world. So from now on Google Play News App, you can now see the world’s corner corners in your mobile.

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