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What is 5/8 as a Decimal and Percent? Full Calculation

5/8 as a Decimal
what is 5/8 as a Decimal

What is 5/8 as a Decimal? We will see here that the fraction five-eighth (5/8) decimal is 0.625. You can find the answer by using a calculator or by dividing the long divisor by five to eight as shown in the photo.

What is 5/8 as a Decimal?

  • My dear student friends, we have learned in the next standard that a different method is used to convert from fractions to decimals.
  • The denominator of a fraction is multiplied by a given number which gives the result as 10, 100, 1,000 or another multiple of 10.
  • In fractions five-eight (5/8), 8 is the denominator. So multiplying 8 by 125 gives 1,000. Now to find the answer as decimal 0.625, multiply both the numerator and the denominator by 125 to find 625/1000.
  • In the decimal system, the third digit after the decimal point is the thousandth, so 625/1000 is 0.625.

What is 5 8 as a Decimal

2 5/8 as a decimal Process

Look at the photo above again and understand this one minute math. We are learning about fractions and every decimal is written here.

When I use repetition, the fraction is given as 5/8, so we have to divide by five and eight here on the rate and long, then we have to divide by long.

The first eight are used in the fifth. Eight can’t go to five so write above zero and exactly 8 times 6 is 48 so I can write 6. There 6 times 8 is equal to 48 and 50 there is 48 plus 2 increases.

Now we have to add zero next to 2. Now if 20 amount gardener breaks 8 with 20 then the crime of 2 gets 8 x 2 = 16. Okay, we subtract those 16 ways first. Here we get exactly 20 minus 16 to 4. 4 next to the second zero If we continue, five is equal to 5 times 8, that is, 40 minus 40 minus 40, zero becomes possible. Only zero and there we have our answer 0.625 is a decimal.