Today Tech News: Windows 10, Realme Android Pie, Motorola, Google Map

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Today is a Sunday and abrupt we’ll get tech news: Windows 10 Update, Realme Android Pie Problem, Motorola One Vision, Google Map update, Fossil Sport Smartwatch, Samsung OLED TV.

Windows 10 Update:

The three weekends we care about the technology news which will happen this week and what are the new things which are going to see the next week and first Sunday which is coming up is from the Windows 10. Now the Windows 10 update is letting you decide that what percentage of the Internet bandwidth. You can provide to download the latest updates where it is in the background or whether it is in the foreground.

windows 10 update

You can even select the megabytes per second suppose you can select up to 0.5 or the 1 Mbps to let you happen over the download over the background by learning of the windows. You can simultaneously now use the internet without even worrying about that your maximum bandwidth is going for the downloading the update. So this is a major update which is coming up with the latest version of the Windows 10 and let me know in the comments below that whether you are able to use this kind of update right now in your system or not.

Google Map Update June 2019:

Google map is rolling out the SS feature right now in the match for the Indian region. And the first test will be done in the behalf region where we have seen the latest kinds of floods with the help of the river “Ganga”. The help of this viewer BRIDGE there have been a many trucks and users and it’s turned around the state of the Bihar. But the help of this Google Map New feature the Esther’s feature now it will alert you to enter your path you have a front region yes a front region and the rest will be traveling between these scores.

Google map update 2019

Now you have the option now to take the alternative route to step away from this current feature so it’s a great feature which we introduced by the Google Maps. Right now and it’s rolling it right now and in the coming weeks wherever we see the full feature of this Google Maps SOS feature. I will make a dedicated video about this latest move our last feature.

Redmi K20/ Oppo S2 Mobile Phone:

Coming up is from the redmi mobile phone and a sort of bad news you can say now they will know Oppo S2 instead of that we are getting the renegade Redmi K20

and Redmi K20 Pro by the make of the July. Early it has been assumed that it come in the month of the June but the CEO of the man Eugene has said that the both. The phones will be a available on the mid of the July and there will be know oppo S2. Just Redmi K20 and the K20 Pro more the phones already launched in that China and the specification have any must waste. So let’s shop in the India market of in the same specification. I may remember see any sort of difference or changes in this redmi phone.

Realme 2 Pro Android Pie Problem:

coming up is from the Realme 2 the Realme 2 grow and work by update now facing a major sort of issue is causing that after the update. You spawn will be struck at the boot load only and the lower Williams lashes I mean and again and it will not go further beyond it.

The company has came to the solution with them in their forums you can check this solution before making any sort of update into Reame 2 devices if you’re facing such issues do let me know in the comments below and have helped you solve this problem personally am I really do polarize the heaven call this entropy update yet but I am NOT going to update it very soon I hope then the company will roll out a stable version of the Android 9 PIE update into the rhythm YouTube proof then only I am going to update my will me to prove to this latest version of the end I update because I doesn’t want my inform to be just like a big yes it doesn’t move for my phone to be just like a plate but definitely when a stable update come I will show you a video of that update on my website.

Motorola one vision:

The Motorola one is going to be launched in the India on June of 20th and the specification of this point is very much waste over the phone you can see that’s coming with your punch or technology always you can have a selfie camera on the back you’re able to see the toy camera set up a 6.3 each of the speed 31.9 is the expected ratio and trust me this phone inside must wait and we have to think about the price that is going to noise on the Indian market.

I personally know that with pricing the motor will set is around 25,000 and 25,000 the specification that stands out to be much weight so let’s hope that no roll and it’s time to very much great job by the to the pricing and gives us as you can same as the global version and doesn’t make any sort of changes in the chipset or the specifications of the screen size of any other tanks so just wait for 20th of June I will cover this phone right now on my chair.

Fossil Sport Smartwatch:

so the next hour which is coming up is from the faucet that fossil Smartwatch but the call comes my friend at 3100 espionage inter inter market and it’s come with your Google pear OS version this my Forge is ready much weight as company the price range also is coming with the price range of around 18,000 copies and the specifications with sniper negative 100 SOC the point is that you must wait and many smartwatches are coming in right now with the various version of their OS and with this video specification but with the first course you’re not getting the print but you’re also getting a very smart wash with this faucet so do let me know in the comments below whether interested in such watch or not.

Samsung QLed 8k TV:

Samsung has lost its 8k TV right now in the India market and the price range are very much higher not into the hands of a common consumer talk about the prices of the 75 inches of the HDTV is a noun in lakhs rupees if I talk about that 82 inches of the cents an 8k TV is around 70 lakhs rupees and if I talk about the huger version of the 98 inches of this baby you’re getting it announces it lacks think about the theory of 8k amounts of sea legs whether.

You’re going to buy or not is an understood mother present is just away away away from any common users my little 16 lakhs rupees of the TV will be made on the order only the other two TVs are not available from the point of July do let me know in the comments below whether using the 4k TV the full HD TV or just waiting for this HTTP right now in the market doesn’t have any uses or a complete shell for the 4k TV many uses have an image happier with the full HD version and you launch the 8k p we find that much higher price wage the Samsung is doing very much fantastic in the technology world but the price range seems to be for touching the sky so do let me know in the comments below about this news and you’re interested in the sense an 8k TV or not.