Developer of Minecraft behind of Majang, have announcement their next story title at E3 2019 isĀ  Minecraft Dungeons. You can watch the reveal full trailer here:

Now Talk about Minecraft Dungeons is an new action adventure game of maximum players used on Android platform. One more thing we tell you clearly inspired by classic dungeon crawling games. Dungeons features online and local co-op for up to four players. In addition Play to Windows, Xbox One, and Game Pass, it will also launch on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. If you want to play on mobile like Android and iOs then you need to wait some time.

The game will allow players to personalise their characters and play in a variety of ways such as up-close and personal with melee, stand at a distance with ranged attacks, like PUBG Mobile Gaming or use heavy armour to tank your way through swarms of enemies. Hopefully, cross-platform multiplayer will be considered like the original game. Nonetheless, mark your calendars for Spring 2020! Additionally, here is multiplayer attached with the game, in the form of four player local and online co-op.

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