Apple AR Glasses Entering Production in 2019

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Apple might finally be nearing their finalized design for their augmented reality of glasses. A lot of talk about AR from Team Apple and the rest of Apple. We are very excited for what Apple AR Glasses has in our future. But as far as the execution of augmented reality goes. Basically seen sets on smartphones and iPads as cool. Exciting as that may be to some of you. Think the rest of us kind of want AR to be something that’s more integrated.

Apple AR glasses 2019

Apple AR Glass box packing

Into our daily lives in this hardware that Apple says, we’ll be nearing production in quarter four. This year is showing that that reality of AR is nearing Apple customers everywhere.

Quote typically has a fairly good track record granted not perfectness might not be real. But who believes apples going to start entering into production with their augmented reality glasses by the end of 2019.

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Apple Glasses 2020

Apple said because this is such an ambitious and new project it very possibly could be upcoming into 2020. Which honestly makes perfect sense to us. Because we’ve been hearing for a long time that Apples been trying around with the idea of augmented reality glasses. Now there have been a few attempts at augmented reality for consumers and for the most part.

Apple AR Glass 2020

Google Glass and Microsoft Hololens

There were attempts like Google Glass which looked kind of bizarre and really didn’t cover any of your vision just a piece of it and then of course there was the huge Microsoft Hololens

which honestly looked more like a helmet than it did glasses more recently we got the Hololens too but you notice that Microsoft kind of never really intended for the Hololens to be something for consumers to buy was really meant for people in manufacturing and for enterprise work and trying to apply it in those situations because truly businesses and enterprise could afford that hefty $3500 price tag but Apple typically if you ignore modular Mac Pro and the iMac Pro which are just machines and Mac OS running very very powerful.

Microsoft hololens

Apple typically doesn’t make hardware specifically just for enterprise or just for developers for the most part. If they’re planning something that’s a wearable in this by all means is intended to be it’s likely something that they’re going to be aiming at consumers. Honestly if it turns out we’re gonna be seeing the augmented reality Apple AR glasses released to the public and available for consumers to buy within the 2020 time frame.

Apple AR Glasses Specification

There have been some attempts to get Apple Glass stock from there to buy first customers. Spectacles those aren’t the same thing those are just glasses with cameras on them. They do not project anything on your eyes. We are talking about those glasses which are the ways to put light on your eyes.

That way you can essentially see Holograms and see things that aren’t really there using computer-generated images and at least the first generation of Apple glasses which I’ve called it that in the past they may call it. Kuo says that it will be an accessory to the iPhone similar to what the Apple watch was when it first launched and for the most part still even to this day which goes along with a lot of predictions. I’ve made about Apple AR glasses in the past I think the big holdup with augmented reality glasses right now is probably battery life we know from previous generation things like Google glass.

You have really great things to relax on your face. There is also some usable amount of battery life. Which means all image processing and image rendering.You work for augmented reality and track your eyes. Keep things on your sight, for which it is probably best for someone.

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The Apple specs itself because it’s going to take a lot of space and a lot more battery. So it makes sense that we use far more powerful. The computer in our pocket to load all of that image rendering and loading. And then essentially you just love to share data between those devices with wireless power management. Which are not far away from each other.

There are rumors in the past that have suggested that Apple’s augmented reality glasses would likely be ready by 2020. Usually tad skeptical about those leaks because as we’ve seen the competition released glasses and hardware. The Tech is that ready yet but if things all go according to plan and quo ends up being correct that. Means that finally after all these years of successors in series 2 & 3.

iPhone upgrades iPad and iPad upgrades iPad 4. In 2020 we might finally be getting a new product line from Apple. That theoretically could be running its own separate operating system separate than watch Mac iOS.